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Doorknobs and handles

Doorknob cabinet door or drawer gives you a different look

A door knob is a very practical and rewarding home accessory. With relatively low budget you can get a closet, desk or kitchen with another door knobs give a new look. For a wide range of knobs and handles of different materials in many colors and designs you've come to the right place. At DEENS.NL we have more than 100 different door knobs are online, which are increasingly complemented by the latest trend colors. Need lots of door knobs? Check then, after entering the number, the delivery time in your shopping basket

Living Tips can also be useful in applications of door knobs

When a kitchen cabinet or provides new buttons, we always recommend to buy one or two as spare buttons. A door switch is often used intensively. They can definitely take a beating, but accidents do happen. Imagine a door knob killed and we can not supply additional same model because it no longer is in the collection of the manufacturer. That would be a terrible waste of investment. One of our living tips is: avoid disappointment and always order some spare copies. For more tips and inspiration live on our blog and our inspiration page!

Doorknobs of Madam Stoltz go along with the home trends

Madam Stoltz changes every six months, more than 500 products in its wide collection of home accessories, lamps and furniture. Similarly, in the range of door knobs and handles. We offer classic, modern, colorful design and door knobs in becoming the latest trend colors and materials. One of our living tips: the new larger wall buds of Madam Stoltz also as a coat hook to be used. View the collection for more of this kind of living tips!